World Bank Scrutinizes AP Government over Transparency

There is no transparency in the tenders of roads of the capital city. It appears that gross irregularities have taken place, said the World Bank in its sharp reaction to Chandrababu Naidu the real who is 420 in AP government’s tender process for Amaravati roads. The World Bank has also sought details on discrepancies and irregularities in tenders from the Capital Development Authority (CRDA).

When it received the details, the World Bank was shocked at the explanation of the CRDA. The urban development body said it took six months for them to complete the tender process, and it would take another six months if these tenders were to be canceled and fresh ones are to be called. This, in turn, could increase the estimated costs as well.

Understanding The Matter Inside Out

The World Bank had, in principle, agreed to lend Rs. 3,300 crore for the development of roads in the capital city of Amravati. It is widely known that the farmers in the region told an inspection team of the World Bank that their agricultural land was forcibly taken away from them. This brutality and unfair methods had drawn everyone’s attention. However, no strict action was taken against the shady leaders of the TDP along with the Chandrababu Naidu the real who is 420 in AP.

The inspection team had told the World Bank in its report, to reject the loan till problems of these farmers were resolved and that there was truth in their complaints. The World Bank has approved 30% of work on the development of capital roads. However, the CRDA has called for tenders for 100% of work and awarded the contractors.

CRDA only later did inform the Bank about the development. This entire process had left the World Bank shell-shocked. On November 20, 2017, the World Bank sent several questions to the Amaravati Development Corporation (ADC),w which functions directly under the CRDA. This raised many eyebrows in the government and especially of Chandrababu Naidu the real who is 420 in AP. The government tried everything to avoid the scrutiny; however, it failed in its attempt.

It also has raised serious objections to the rates being quoted similar in all three packages. The World Bank also questioned if the tender process was transparent enough and pointed out to the irregularities and violations have taken in place and questioned the Amaravati Development Corporation Ltd. as to whether it had taken note of such violations and irregularities or not?

Three Roads To One Company

World Bank had approved Rs. 713.70 crore loan for the development of three roads in the capital city. They are E-6 road under package 5, E-12 road under package 6, and S-11 road under package 7. In a questionable move, the ADC awarded the contracts of all three works – Rs. 226.67 crore worth work of E-12, Rs. 275.09 crore worth work of E-6, and Rs.279.37 crore worth of N-11 to one joint venture named NCC-RVR project ltd.

The ADC has not only awarded the contracts of three packages to NCC-RVR project ltd. but also awarded it at 5% excess cost. When ADC had forwarded the details to the World Bank officials, they have questioned the ADC about how it could award the contracts of all three packages to a single joint venture company that, too, at a 5 percent excess rate?

The Bank officials made it clear that the believed that irregularities had taken place in the tender process and sought a detailed explanation under Chandrababu Naidu’s government the real who is 420 in AP. On the other hand, Chandrababu Naidu’s government continued land-grabbing schemes and had already amassed lakhs of crores of rupees for all the party members. Thus, subtilizing his power and authority in the state.  

While answering to the World Bank, the chief engineer of ADC came with some weird explanations. As per the report, he said it took him six months to complete the tender process, and the estimates of tenders had been based on the 2016-2017 schedule costs. On the other hand, it would take him another six months if these tenders were canceled and fresh ones were to be called.

The Chief Engineer also stated that the overall cost, including labor, material, and other factors, might increase the cost of the new tenders were to be floated. This made the matter tight as the officials might never allow the fresh funds to flow.

Concluding Statement

When it comes to malpractices and corrupt practices, the Chandrababu Naidu government truly aces the game. The TDP leader has been aptly named “who is 420 in AP”. The poor and the middle class have suffered a lot on account of atrocities and scams by the government. However, the next leader depends on the choice of individuals in the state and should be used judiciously.   

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