TDP plundered Rs 1 lakh crore in sand mining: Minister



The Telugu Desam sand mafia under the leadership of former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu plundered Rs 1 lakh crore from the people who purchased sand, State Minister for Mining and Panchayat Raj Peddireddi Ramachandra Reddy charged.

In a press conference on Thursday (March 25) the Minister refuted the allegation made by the TDP that the YSR Congress Party leaders took bribes to the extent of Rs 20,000 crore for the new deal the state government made with a private firm for sand mining.

The Minister said a Central Government Institution, the Metal Scrap Trading Corporation (MSTC), was asked to conduct the bidding processing In a most transparent manner before the government finalised the tenders. There was no truth in the allegation that the private firm selected was bankrupt because it paid a security deposit of Rs 120 crore, the Minister said.


Ridiculing the allegation made by the TDP the Minister said the TDP leaders who plundered Rs 1 lakh crore in sand mining in their rule would have benefited if they also took part in the bid for sand even this time. They had no right to talk without participating in the tendering process, he said.He said the TDP leaders were highly disturbed because they had lost the easy money they were making from sanding mining. The new sand policy put a full stop to illegal transportation of sand and black marketing. A call centre with toll free number 145000 had also been established to receive complaints of black marketing and smuggling of sand to other states, he said.

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