Repression if political opponents is political corruption

Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu completes four decades in politics -  India News

Top on the list of different categories of political corruption is “political repression”. This form of corruption is considered next only to police brutality. The former Chandrababu Naidu Government is said to have perpetrated the worst form of political oppression by facilitating the defection of 23 YSR Congress MLAs into the ruling Telugu Desam Government.

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The Telugu Desam President N Chandrababu Naidu welcomed 23 of the 67 YSRCP MLAs into his party and even earned the dubious distinction of making four of them Ministers. Despite several complaints the Speaker or the ruling party failed to take any action against the MLAs who should actually be suspended from the legislative assembly or council. This was said to be the worst kind of political repression in the history of the state. Mr Naidu already bears the blemish of making a futile attempt of destabilizing the Telangana Government by buying the votes of three ruling party TRS MLAs to get his party candidate elected to the Telangana Legislative council. In the process he was reportedly caught red-handed on audio tape trying to bribe one of the TRS MLAs. His track record of offering bribes is giving credence to the claim the amounts were paid to the defecting MLAs. The allegation is that between Rs 20 crore and Rs 30 crore and in some cases Ministry and other posts were offered to the defecting MLAs by Mr Naidu to make them cross over.
In another equally serious transgress the TDP dealt a severe blow to political rivals at the grassroots level and democracy as a whole by transferring the total administrative powers of the gram panchayats to the Janmabhoomi Committees. This resulted in large scale corruption with the Janmabhoomi committee members quite openly collecting bribes for gram panchayat works.

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