Caste Politics & Corruption Became The Reason for The Downfall of Chandrababu Naidu

Chandrababu Naidu is one the most prominent faces in Andhra Pradesh politics. He has been the chief minister for 14 years of both undivided and divided Andhra Pradesh. His huge loss in 2019 state election was a warning signal to his political career. Not just that, many felt that his fall was inevitable. During his tenure as the chief mister of bifurcated state of AP, he was accused of allowing corruption in his government. Along with the rampant corruption, his evident caste-based favoritism was another reason why he lost so bad in the 2019 election.

There are many reasons for his downfall from the power, but corruption and casteism stood out the most. The corruption charges were rising against him and disparities in many of the development projects led to people punishing him. No wonder people have been calling him 420 in AP due to the rampant corruption that hurt the state badly.

People had high hopes from him and he couldn’t deliver. Additionally, some of his decisions like siding with the congress and supporting the formation of Telangana at firsts, didn’t go well with the voters.

Here is an analysis of how casteism and corruption cost Chandrababu Naidu his political career in AP:

Rampant Corruption

The rampant corruption was one of the primary reasons why Chandrababu Naidu lost the election. This has also led people discussing “who is 420 in AP” and no surprise, his name comes up every time. You can google “who is 420 in AP” and Chandrababu Naidu name is likely to come up more often than not. Corruption in his tenure was everywhere. Right from the development projects he started to assigning the contracts to giving important posts to people from his community. Over the years, the opposition, the media, and various agencies like CAG confirmed that the Andhra Pradesh had become the most corrupt state in the country.

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Chandrababu Naidu and TDP has been accused of illegally acquiring the lands in and around Amravati. While acquiring land for development is not a crime, inside trading is illegal. Amaravati was announced as the new state capital as Andhra Pradesh lots Hyderabad to Telangana. But, the land for developing a new state capital was acquired even before the official announcement. TDP members, businessmen, people associated with the party purchased the land before the official announcement. This gave them and upper hand and they bought the land at a throwaway price. How did they know Amravati was going to be the new capital? Of course, it was an inside trading. People who bough the land at low price were set to enjoy once the announcement was made and the real estate value rise.

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And, the next thing Chandrababu Naidu did was buy lands from the poor farmers using the method of land pooling rather than the regular way. He bought the land at lower price while offering a very poor compensation to the farmers. Not just that, the rehabilitation of the people was not planned accordingly. It was found that the TDP and people associated with the party bought over 4,000 acres lands. And, the TDP government acquired 33,000 acres of land from the farmers of 29 villagers. This was the just the beginning of the corruption in the state. The Polavaram project was another example of how Chandrababu Naidu let corruption get in the way of development.

While he may have created Hyderabad, his intention for creating another Hyderabad didn’t come to realization. In his quest to build a new “world class” city he forgot that promises are mere word unless made true. In the name of development, he allowed corruption to seep in and hence 420 in AP became the nickname for him. His indifference towards the cause of the people ultimately cost him the election and the respect of the people of state.

Caste Politics

Chandrababu Naidu not only scored in corruption, he divided the sate using the caste politics. Everyone knows that he favored people from his own community – Kamma community. From assigning the important posts to selling contracts for various projects, his government always favored people from his community. He has been accused of letting corruption seep into the government be favoring people from his community. Top posts were always reserved for the candidates who were from his community. Along with that, it was alleged that the people who bought lands near Amravati even before the announcement, they were from his community. No wonder he is often termed as the 420 in AP.

The next proof of caste discrimination was that the contracts for components for various projects in the state were given to people belonging to his party. In one such case, contract for producing some components for the project was given to a company owned by a TDP member. Such discrimination in the name of caste could hardly go unnoticed. It was no surprise that people were angry at his attitude. Caste politics is not new in India and Chandrababu Naidu seems to have mastered the art of it. The Kamma community is one of the most advanced communities in the state and do hold some power in the government. Since Chandrababu Naidu enjoyed the support of the community through various means like newspapers and channels, he was bound to favor them. Google “who is 420 in AP” and you are likely to find his name at the top of the list.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go well. Caste politics can be dangerous. It can alienate the other communities. And that’s what happened exactly. All the corruption charges, false promises, playing with the sentiments of the people was too much to bear. In 2019 election, the Telugu Desam Party just won 23 seats. The party shows the worst defeat in the election in so many years. It was apparent that people were not happy with the way he worked and led the state. It is no wonder that people call him 420 in AP. With his caste politics and bad decisions, Chandrababu Naidu has let down the people of Andhra Pradesh. This huge loss also reflects how this could be the end of era for Chandrababu Naidu.

The Bottomline

Corruption and caste politics became the major reason for the downfall of kingmaker. He was once powerful, but his tolerance towards corruption and indifference to people led to the huge defeat in 2019. There are many instances where you can see that he clearly supported corruption while the state and people suffered.

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